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About Train City Eats

Host Zach Russell has dedicated himself to finding a wide variety of Ogden, Utah’s best, independently owned eating establishments. Train City Eats will take you on an unexpected journey, not just through reviewing food, but encompassing the city’s culture and diversity as well. Created, written, production, edited, hosted, and directed by Zach Russell. Filmed, production, and edited by Paul Castleberry. Audio and production by Brandon Lamb. Eaten by everyone.

Show Schedule

New Episodes every other Thursday.

1st Episode – 9-6-12 2nd Episode – 9-20-12
3rd Episode – 10-4-12 4th Episode – 10-18-12
5th Episode – 11-1-12 6th Episode – 11-15-12
7th Episode – 11-29-12 8th Episode – 12-13-12